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Pure Breeders

Most Affectionate Small Dog Breed

It is not a bad thing to admit that you are not a fan of the huskier variety of pooch. Many people feel more comfortable housing a smaller breed and there are great affectionate varieties to choose from. Whether you are a young family or a senior looking for a friendly but smaller sized canine companion you should be able to find an ideal match through the Purebred Breeders LLC website. Here you get advice from the experts on what kinds of breeds are best suited to your lifestyle and where to find them.

Settling on the ideal breed is never the end. You must always buy your puppy from a reputable breeder to ensure they have been properly socialized for interaction with humans and other dogs. You also want to know their lineage to avoid unusual mixes that make for serious health problems later on. Reputable breeders as those found through are continually monitored to ensure they adhere to established standards. Here are some of the top choices of small friendly dog breeds to consider bringing home.

  •          Maltese

Certainly amongst the most attractive and playful varieties of small dogs is the Maltese. It has a rich heritage that has seen it housed in royal households for centuries. Now it is a popular option of families and seniors looking for a quick thinking and trainable pet. It is a very cheerful animal that can help teach kids about responsibility through daily grooming of its long silk hair. It responds well to positive reinforcement and can often lounge lazily around the house when there is no one around.

  •          Pomeranian


This is a very energetic variety of small dog that forms a close attachment to its owner. They make for good companions as they are very protective and are very easy to train. If you may often spend time away from them, it is advisable to also train them for this as they easily become anxious when left alone for long periods. Their convenient size may however encourage you to take them along when travelling. Good training is also needed to stop them barking when they notice minor changes in environment.

  •          Shih Tzu


The Shih Tzu is a very gentle dog that is popular in households with young children. It is very energetic and courageous. It is fun to have around when enjoying either indoor or outdoor activities and can be trained to do tricks and be obedient. It is also instinctively loyal and lives well in compact housing. The long hairs however require daily grooming to keep it looking presentable.

  •          Pug


Another dog from Asia, the pug is a very cute small breed that has a very affectionate disposition. They do not require much exercise and can easily reside in apartments. Their short haired coat also calls for little grooming but they do shed a lot making them not a good choice where those with allergies reside. They are however very playful and outgoing, making them ideal for households with children. They do best where the climate is cool or temperate.

  •          Yorkshire terrier

This breed is a bundle of energy that loves to play and is very intelligent. They are very small and light on their feet making them a good choice if you live in an apartment. Also known as Yorkies, these dogs are very friendly but still require continued socialization and training to stop them becoming aggressive with other dogs and nipping. Again, positive reinforcement techniques are a good way to keep them behaved.

  •          Beagle

A little larger than the rest, this breed is very affectionate and energetic. They are naturally social, making them a poor choice if also seeking a guard dog. Their cheerful nature is best exploited by a family with active children that can keep it stimulated and burn off its energy. This attractive hound is best brought up alone as a pack will often bark and make your home life somewhat noisy.

There are many benefits associated with smaller breeds. One popular reason for their demand is that they are easier to maintain. In terms of diet and exercise, it is easier to cater to a small dog than a larger one. They are also easier to carry around when travelling, and ideal for apartment living. Whatever your reason for choosing a smaller breed, ensure that you also consider other factors like temperament and grooming when making your pick. Purebred Breeders LLC is an excellent source of free information on how to make a suitable choice.